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The Impact


“Jesus is no longer a foreign god”

Pastor Gurung* and the other pastors were preaching in Soi*. Gurung has four generations of believers without scriptures. There are about 350,000 people who speak Soi language. On the day of the dedication of the draft version of the Soi New Testament, in Oct 2017, Gurung said “Earlier, it felt like a foreign god was being preached...

Impact 1

“The church is growing...”

Maha Poi* - is a language spoken by a million people in the snowy province of an Asian Country. They have had over 30,000 followers of Christ in the last 2 decades. Yet, the lack of God’s word in their heart language was hindering the progress of the Gospel. Today, through the Church-Centric Bible Translation Movement, they have translated the full New Testament, Pentateuch & Poetical books into their heart language. The Church is growing both in quantity and quality.

Impact 2
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